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Reviews / Media

If those seeds die, we die.

The Hamilton Spectator
Kiss and tell
Pearl Van Geest and Fiona Kinsella
April 19, 2012
by Regina Haggo
Hamilton, Ontario

Sculpture magazine

HAMILTON, Ontario - Fiona Kinsella: Art Gallery of Hamilton
September 2011
by JL Fraser

C Magazine Issue 110 "FOOD"

Reliquary Confections:
An interview with Fiona Kinsella by Pandora Syperek

Summer 2011
Toronto, Ontario

Hamilton Magazine

Transit at Ten: Reflections on the first decade of the upstart Locke South gallery
Spring, 2011
by Tor Lukasik-Foss
Hamilton, ON

Planet S

Bewildering Beauty
March 24, 2011
by Bart Gazzola
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Akimblog - AMY FUNG in the Prairies 03/15/11

Close Encounters: The Next 500 Years in Winnipeg | Wonderment & Variations at the Mendel Art Gallery in Saskatoon | Brian Jungen at the Art Gallery of Alberta in Edmonton
March 15 2011
by Amy Fung
The Prairies

Mendel Art Gallery Podcast

Fiona Kinsella - Artist Feature
February 2011
by Mendel Art Gallery
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

The StarPheonix

New Mendel exhibit serves up cakes, revulsion
February 9, 2011
by Marsha Day, The StarPhoenix
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

CBC Saskatoon News (at 9:30 minutes in)
Lets go to saskatoon now, where you just might not ever see cake again in the same way.
A New Exhibit at the Mendel Art Gallery
CBC's Britainy Robinson reports
February 2, 2011
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Verb News: Arts & Culture (.pdf)
Exhibition Brings ‘Wonderment’ To Mendel
Issue 124 - January 28 - February 3, 2011
by Megan Thomas
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

The Hamilton Spectator

Fiona's madly delicious cakes are summer fare
September 1, 2010
by Jeff Mahoney
Hamilton, Ontario


Katherine MacDonald & George Wallace at the McMaster Museum of Art | Robert Mason, Fiona Kinsella, & Brendan Fernandes at the Art Gallery of Hamilton
July 6, 2010
by Stephanie Vegh

Art Gallery of Hamilton, monograph publication

Cake: Fiona Kinsella
June 2010
by Melissa Bennett, Curator of Contemporary Art, Art Gallery of Hamilton
Hamilton, Ontario

TH&B Catalogue

May 2010
Introduction by Stephanie Vegh
Hamilton, Ontario

The Expositer

Provocative exhibition challenges viewers
March 2010
Iby Steve Menhinick
Brantford, Ontario

McIntosh Gallery, Catalogue

Fiona Kinsella: the Wilderness
Daniela Sneppova: I think I love you but I have chosen darkness
January 2010
Curated by Catherine Elliot Shaw
London, Ontario

The Gazette, Arts & Life
Vampires, cakes, on display at McIntosh
Exhibits by Sneppova and Kinsella have eerie effect
University of Western Ontario
January 21, 2010
by Lauren Moore
London, Ontario

The Beat: Arts in London
McIntosh Gallery: Daniela Sneppova & Fiona Kinsella
January 27, 2010
by E. Ruth Strebe
London, Ontario

C Magazine

Fiona Kinsella, Chapel (rose), transit gallery, Hamilton
Issue 101, Spring 2009
by Stephanie Vegh
Toronto, Ontario

SLATE Art Guide

Cover Image
(46lbs) (9 ounces) chapel (heart)
Fiona Kinsella, Oil on canvas, 2008 / 24x24 inches

October, 2008

Hamilton Spectator
Must-see exhibition of paintings

October 14, 2008
by Regina Haggo
Hamilton, Ontario

Canadian Medical Association Journal
The Left Atrium
The private and public nature of disease: art as a transformative medium

May 20, 2008 by J. Lynn Fraser
Ottawa, Ontario

Hamilton Spectator

Art exhibition channels spirit of the TH&B railway
Video: Fiona Kinsella

May 01, 2008
by Matt Demers
Hamilton, Ontario

Flagpole Magazine

Culinary Art: Food is the Inspiration at ATHICA's Ingest Exhibit

February 20, 2008
by Melissa Link
Athens, Georgia

Athens Banner Herald
We eat what we are

January 16, 2008
by Julie Phillips
Athens, Georgia

Shotgun Review
Fiona Kinsella at The New Gallery

Saturday, December 22, 2007
by Kim Neudorf
Calgary, Alberta

Fast Forward Magazine
Into the Wild

December 6, 2007
by Dimitra Polychronis
Calgary, Alberta

The New Gallery
Fiona Kinsella: the Wilderness

November, 2007
by Sara Knelman, Curator of Contemporary Art, Art Gallery of Hamilton
Calgary, Alberta

The Calgary Herald
Swerve - fun listings + CALGARY INSIDE & OUT
Going Out: Nov. 16-22
Art Show: Fiona Kinsella: The Wilderness

Friday, November 16, 2007
Calgary, Alberta

Where Magazine
Calgary Editor's Picks: In the Art Galleries
November, 2007
Jennifer Hilliker
Calgary, Alberta

The Hamilton Spectator
All things white and beautiful
April 17, 2007
by Regina Haggo
Hamilton, Ontario

Hamilton Magazine
Mysterious Gaze
Marianne Reim and Fiona Kinsella share rare visions
Issue: Spring 2007, March 2007
by Tor Lukasik-Foss
Hamilton, Ontario

Macdonald Stewart Art Centre

Shakespeare - Made in Canada

Finding the Bard in Contemporary Portraiture
Catalogue launch, January 11 2007
by Judith Nasby, Director / Curator
Guelph, Ontario

Toronto Star
One small weekend, two local art fairs
"Names to Watch"
November 11, 2006
An overviiew of the Toronto International Art Fair (TIAF) & the Toronto Alternative Art Fair International (TAAFI)
by Peter Goddard, Visual Arts Critic
Toronto, Ontario

No 56
Number: An Independent Journal of the Arts
Good Housekeeping, Ruby Green, Nashville
Spring / Summer - June 2006
Number Magazine focuses on the contemporary visual arts in the tri-state region of Tennessee, Arkansas, and Mississippi.
by Jeanne Hamilton
Memphis, Tennessee

Nashville Scene
Comforts of Home
Two women raid the linen closet and larder for the basic materials of their art
February 23, 2006
David Maddox
Nashville, Tennessee

Latcham Gallery
Seven Deadly Sins at the Latcham Gallery
February 18, 2006
Maura Broadhurst, Curator
Stouffville, Ontario

Nashville Scene - Critics' Picks
Fiona Kinsella and Mariah Johnson:
Good Housekeeping
February 9, 2006
David Maddox / Jonathon Marx
Nashville, Tennessee

Nfocus Magazine - Critic's Picks
Good Housekeeping, Ruby Green: Fiona Kinsella and Mariah Johnson
February 2006
Greg Stein
Nashville, Tennessee

Cambridge Galleries
Field Notes: sweet fresh (swoon)
January 2006
by Ivan Jurakic, Curator, Cambridge Galleries
Cambridge, Ontario

Art Papers Magazine
The Fragile Species, New Art Nashville
Nov - Dec 2005
Dedicated to the examination and development of contemporary art and culture.
by Jean Hess
Atlanta, Georgia

Hamilton Spectator
A sweet tooth leads to trouble
Oct. 2005
By Regina Haggo
Hamilton, Ontario

Nashville Scene
Everything Has Its Price: The pervasive marketplace provides common ground for much of Zeitgeist's summer show
Aug. 2005
Nashville's Alternative Weekly
By David Maddox
Nashville, Tennessee

Hamilton Spectator
Art of the egg cracks old ideas of beauty
Fiona Kinsella: fine line (swoon)
By Elaine Hujer
Hamilton, Ontario

Artichoke Magazine
Fiona Kinsella
Western Canada's Award Winning Visual Arts Magazine
By Priti Kohli & David Brace
Vancouver, BC

View Magazine,
Fiona Kinsella
Greater Hamilton's Weekly Alternative
By John Deal
Hamilton, Ontario

Women's Post
The return of beauty in art
A Newspaper of Ideas and Discussion for Professional Women
by Kevin Somers
Toronto, Ontario
Art Noise,
The most fragile of passing moments has its antecedents’
Spring 2002
A virtual magazine covering the scene in St. John's Newfoundland and Bristol, England
St. John's, Newfoundland

The Latcham Gallery
Fiona Kinsella & Paul Lisson
By Maura Broadhurst, Curator
Stouffville, Ontario

Paper Wait - Ace Art Inc.
Prescribing Behaviour and / or Other Definitive
Paper Wait is a journal published annually, and is a product of Ace Art's Critical Distance writing program which encourages a dialogue about contemporary art.
by Diane Lemieux
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Hamilton Spectator
From the heart
Kinsella’s art replete with Irony
By Jeff Mahoney
Hamilton, Ontario

Hamilton Spectator
You'll laugh, you'll flinch
By Jeff Mahoney
Hamilton, Ontario

Burlington Art Centre - Publication
Sister ~ Family ~ Home
A publication produced with support of the Burlington Art Centre
West Meadow Press
By Robert Clark Yates
Dundas, Ontario

ID Magazine
Gasping for Air
Your Guide to the Zeitgiest
By Paul Molotov
Guelph, Ontario

ArtScene: Innovative art exchange with Hamilton - come and GAUGE it
by Sylvia Curtis-Norcross
London, Ontario

VIEW Magazine
The Inc. says it all
Greater Hamilton's Weekly Alternative
By Cynthia J. Klaassen
Hamilton, Ontario

The Silhouette
Red October – Hunting for a Cure
A newspaper produced by McMaster Universtriy
By Heather Ormerod
Hamilton, Ontario

Gérald Leblanc
Prescribing Behaviour (fear & JOY II)
Galerie Sans Nom, 2002
By Gérald Leblanc
Moncton, New Brunswick

Hamilton Spectator
Body painting: Rewarding shows at the Burlington Art Centre examines the human forms and all it's issues
By Jeff Mahoney
Hamilton, Ontario

Hamilton Spectator
Jeff Mahoney
Hamilton, Ontario